Get Free Webroot Spy Sweeper 2011 For Six Months

Now a days, almost all the AntiVirus software can handle Spyware with any headache. And we do not need a separate AntiSpyware security. But still in case, if you want a separate specialized AntiSpyware, you can trust on Webroot Spy Sweeper.

It is a long time since I have used Webroot Spy Sweeper. At that time, I was satisfied with it effectiveness but now I am not familiar with effectiveness of new improved scanning engine of Spy Sweeper but they say that it is quite sufficient to protect you against Spyware. You can use it beside any AntiVirus like Norton AntiVirus 2011 (here NAV 6 months promo), Avast 5, Kaspersky AV 2011, etc.


They say it works on x64 Windows but my experience is differnet and I will not advise you to use it on Windows x64. It may crash or may crash your head I mean Windows. My two laptop have crashed just after its installation and once Spy Sweeper was irresponsive. I used Windows 7 professional (x64) and Home premium (x64). Not only crashing but uninstallation is also a headache on x64 OS. It used 5Mb of memory during idle state. I did not run any scan.

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I do not have much to say about it. They say:

  • Most comprehensive antispyware solution available – 360 degrees of protection
  • Continuous monitoring stops spyware before it can attack
  • Advanced detection and removal capabilities for stubborn spyware
  • Automatic defense updates keep you protected from the latest threats
  • Real Time AntiSpyware scanning
  • Game mode, etc

In fact, the promo is on Facebook but you do not need to have Facebook account. I will give you Facebook link so that if one wants from Facebook, can have from there. So, you will be able to get it by either way. There is no license required. It is a 6 months trial version installer. Just install it, restart your system and run it. You will get all updates for 6 months trial period.

Direct Download

Facebook page

Thanx to our helpful friend Ramakanth.

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