Sorry, do not know. Someone else may help. Regards, …

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Sorry, do not know. Someone else may help.

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Thanks. I appreciate your encouragement.

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Your email host reminded me a great service provider. They were the first to offer 2GB inbox when all others like Hotmail, Yahoo were 2MB storage. Then came gMail with 1GB inbox. Now your email host can be found nowhere.
I guess you are spammer. Aren’t you?

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You are welcome Igwe,

You can use Opera browser or Mozilla Firefox and the download plugin from their plugin portfolio. I think, you can do that.

I cannot mention download plugin name because Google does not allow us.


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I think you area talking about the browser on sourceforge here:
Thank you for letting us know. I have not used it yet. May use it some other time.

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My pleasure Chidi that this was helpful.