Get Free eXPert PDF 6.31 Professional With English Layout [Updated]

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Yesterday, we published article about Get Free eXPert PDF 6 Pro. There we have had a problem that no appropriate English installer was available. We still have same installer problem but after installing in other language, we can change its layout language in English. For this purpose, we will use Italian installer because the licnese only works on Italian installer. So, before continueing, if you have not captured your license of eXPert PDF 6 Pro, you can get it now by following the instructions from my previous article. Now I suppose, you have your license and we proceede.

Please, carefully follow the whole pictorial guide. I have marked all the snaps in a numeric sequence. It will make your task easy.

Download Italian installer from the following ftp address, save it and start installation. (Thanks to sacrificial1 for installer)

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After starting installation, wait for sometime so that installer will load installation process. You do not need to intercept it. Wait unless you see the follow snap marked as 1. Now you need to play with installation process. Here is the installation process in pictorial guide:

Now, you have installed eXPert PDF 6 Professional, you need English layout instead of Italian. Simply, follow the guidelines and you will do it in less than 7 minutes.

Open the Resources folder from installed directory. You can find Resources folder here:

C:Program FilesVisagesofteXPert PDF 6Resources

Now follow instructions in snap 7.

Now you need to change the .ita extention of each file to .eng in Resources folder. Mouse right click on each file and go to properties. A window like snap 8 will open. In the first text box under General tab, you will see the name of file with .ita extention. Just change ita to eng and press button Apply and then OK. Do this with all files in Resource folder.

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After changing ita to eng of all files, you will see Resources folder will look like this:

Now you have successfully changed the extentions from ita to eng. Run eXPert PDF 6 and you will see English layout. You can update it to the latest release eXPert PDF 6.31 Professional. Enjoy it.

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18 thoughts on “Get Free eXPert PDF 6.31 Professional With English Layout [Updated]

    1. Thanks for the post. Everything  went per your instructions. The only thing I did was to go to the United Kingdom site and download the trial version 6.31 from there. I installed it first, saved the 4 .chm help files that are in english, and then uninstalled the program. Then I did as you instructed. I installed the Italian version and changed the 11 files from .ita to .eng then updated to 6.31. Everything seemed to look good until I looked at the help files and they were still in Italian. I replaced the help files from the trial version that were in english and all is well. Thanks again.

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    1. Yea Bud, I read this on other forums. You choose which you think is best. I think mine trick is easy because you do not have to do double installation. Well, the matter is working eXPert PDF 6.xx needed. Get it any but legal way.

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  1. I need help. The installer from the link above and that which i got directly from avanquest isn't working for me. It doesn't display the "enter your license" window during installation nor afterwards – online registration hasn't being helpful either so, I 'm stuck with the trial version. Can someone help with a link to an installer or a how to that will get the product registered.

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