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Update: I forget to write promo-link. Now it is given. Please, enjoy it. Thanks to everybody who reminded me.

If you are thinking that Driver Genius Essential 9 can update your drivers, you are completely wrong. This means you have not used it before and not even read about it otherwise you would have known it already. Well, nevermind, I tell you that it can not update  the drivers but there are some other functions which it can provide and I think those are worthy functions which Driver Genius Essential 9 have.

After installation, you will see main window has two panels, left small  panel has shortcuts and right big panel has details of those shortcuts. Other than this, there is main menu contains traditional menu like File, Action, Tools.

The following three functions are available in Driver Genius Essential 9:

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Backup Driver: Do you wanna take backup of your drivers, use this option. It is better before updating your old drivers in case you may need it later.

Restore Drivers: You can restore backed up drivers.

Uninstall Drivers: A glitched driver… uninstall with this option. Simple is this!

Open the following web page into your browser. If you are already Avanquest News Letter subscriber, you just need to enter your eMail address (1) and have to submit your request. If you are not subscriber, read the last paragraph of this article.

(I forget to write this link. Thanks to everybody who reminded me)

I suppose that you are Avanquest News Letter subscriber. When you will press button marked 2, you will redirected to next page where you will see your password. Note it because you will need it during installation of Driver Genius Essential 9.

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If you are not subscriber, you need to fill a short form asking your eMail and name. After filling it, Submit it and you will be directed to the page where you can see your password. This is the same as in previous step.

Installer can be downloaded from here:

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  1. Hi, and Happy HoliDaze!

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  2. What’s the point ? Windows can find me a driver,and roll back to a previous driver (basically a back-up)-so where’s the “Genius”? You (or Windows) can back up all of your drivers with a few clicks and keystrokes,as well as any decent system utilites program that ou prbably already have installed.Thanks,but no thanks.

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