Get Free BitDefender Antivirus 2010 (24 Hours Promo) [Updated]

Update-1: The BitDefender AntiVirus 2010 promotion has been started now. Please, keep in mind, you need ot have a free account at V3 Software Store. Create your account here:

Now go to the following web page and download the web installer. Run the installer and let it connect to Internet. It will download BitDefender setup file and will run the setup automatically. Just install BitDefender and enjoy its protection.

Hi Friends, Just a few line short notice to tell you that you can Get Free BitDefender Antivirus 2010 from miday CEST Friday 13 August to midday CEST Saturday 14 of August. Be ready to Get Free you copy of BitDefender AntiVirus. I think, 2010 license can also be used on 2011 release and soon they are gonna release BitDefender 2011. So never miss this chance.

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I will update this article with time. At the moment, you can find more info on DownloadJunkie:

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11 thoughts on “Get Free BitDefender Antivirus 2010 (24 Hours Promo) [Updated]

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    1. Both are my favorites and both can be trusted. BitDefender 2010 has one two problems:
      1: Sometime it takes to much time on system startup to load. I think, new 2011 will not have these problems. Save the installer, it may work to install 2011.
      2: Sometime it crashes just for nothing and you have to restart your computer. It has happened after updates; about 2 out of 10 updates.
      At least, according to my usage, Avira does not has this problem.

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  2.  hello guys.I see you are interested in antiviruses so I thought it will help you the reviews of the best antiviruses XXXXXX.

    good luck

    Perti: looks like commercial spam?

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