ClickJacking Worm on Facebook But NO Harm

Normally, I do not write about Social Networking sites but since I have started using like Facebook and Twitter, I was thinking to add one more variety in COMPUTELOGY. So one more topic added Facebook.

A ClickJacking worn is spreading fast on Facebook but there is no harm is being produced. What is ClickJacking? If you guys remember, I wrote about it more than one year ago “What is ClickJacking” that “when we open a webpage, among all contents of the page, a link appears seems part of the contents of the webpage but in fact not. If you click this link, you are taken to a new website which has malicious code to inject into your system or a malicious software starts downloading”.

But, at the moment, there is nothing to worry about your security. This worm is not harming your computer and it looks like just somebody wanted to make you fool if you click the link.

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You click on the link in the message “try not to laugh xD http://www.fbhole. com/omg/allow.php?s=a&r=[random number]” and a fake page with some fake message opens and if you click on this page anywhere, an iFrame scripts activate and post the same message “try not to laugh xD http://www.fbhole. com/omg/allow.php?s=a&r=[random number]” on your facebook wall.

Well, during writing this article, the update on F-Secure is the attack is over now. More complete update can be found on F-Secure blog here:

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