Bored With The Red Comodo Skin? Customize Your Comodo Products Today!

Latest version of the products of Comodo, such as Comodo Time Machine and the 4th version of Comodo Internet Security and Comodo Firewall, introduced many improved features. To the average users, one of the visibly notable difference is the new user interface, which spots a red color and interactive interface. I like the new user interface of Comodo since i am a GUI fan as always, but although Comodo did offer a setting where we can change the skin, the unfortunate thing is that the official website for Comodo does not have a skin library. A simple search using Google also came up nothing of the sort.

The original skin for Comodo products, predominantly in red color.

I recently stumbled across a file shared by a user called quanzi1507 and thought i’d share it here. It is a 391 KB ZIP archive which contains three theme files for skinning Comodo products. They are simple-colored theme files which are in Blue, Green and Gray color, but its quite enough to ill-customize your Comodo products.

Click here to download the skin files

After you download the ZIP archive, simply extract the files to anyway on your PC, and copy all the contents to a folder called ‘Themes’ in your Comodo Program Files installation path. To activate the themes in Comodo’s GUI, you’ll need to exit and restart your Comodo products.

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Incidentally, i also discovered that one of my PCs lacked a dedicated firewall. Maybe i should keep Comodo Firewall for a change? (LOLX)

Enjoy skinning!!!

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