ALZip 8.x Free License Will be Delivered to Who Requests Now…!

Hi Friends,
Well, a tiny article after many days. Nevermind. I have not tested ALZip. If you do, you can share if you want.
Almost one hour ago, Dan Teo announced this promo on Facebook.
They say:
Supports Unicode and a new file compression format EGG
– Open 40 ZIP, archive and compression file formats
– Open CD image files (ISO, BIN)
– Open virtual CD files (LCD)
– Create 8 ZIP, archive and compression file formats
– Create SFX (exe) files for free
– Split large files for easy transfers
– Recover lost passwords from ZIP files
– Integrate anti-virus software
– Automate repetitive tasks with ALZip command line functions
– User-friendly software
– Pause/Resume Zipping
– Background/Foreground Zipping
– Windows Vista style icons cuter than ever
Open the following webpage into your browser and simply fill what is asked. It is in English.

They say:

To celebrate the release of ALZip 8.0 beta1, we are holding a small event. Insert your Email address under then click the ‘Enter’ button. After ALZip 8.0 official version is released, we will send you an ALZip 8.x license!

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