Get Free iPhring To Create iPhone Ringtones (Save 10-EUR)

I do not have iPhone. Once I decided to buy but bought a simple mobile phone Nokia 5310 XpressMusic and since then, I never used it to play music till today. I do not have keen interest in music and movies. I watch or hear chosen ones. The last favorite movie is Avatar. In 3D, many times I felt I can touch them but it was just an illusion.

I am sure many of COMPUTELOGY readers have iPhone. I do not think, iPhone was created as mobile phone. It is created for all purposes of fun but not calling. I just found one more great fun program for your iPhone which will help you to create ringtones: iPhring.

It is a simple program has iPhone layout and can be installed on XP, Vista and Win 7. Select the song which you want as ringtone in your iPone, cut the part of it which you like, 6 different effects to customize your chosen part like Distortion, Chorus, Echo, Gargle, Reverb and Flanger. You will get the ringtone which no one else has.

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Listen your ringtone on your computer, modify it, play it again to make it perfect. After finalizing, transfer it to your iPhone and enjoy your self created ringtones.

I can not fight against DRM protected music.

10 Reasons for iPhring

  1. Fade-In and Fade-Out
  2. Cuts and uploads Ringtones to your iPhone
  3. 6 Special Effects:
    Distortion, Chorus, Echo, Gargle, Reverb and Flanger
  4. Auto-Transfer via iTunes
  5. Full Supports the following source formats: WAV, M4A (AAC), WMA, MP3, ASF, WMV
  6. Optional: (if Codec available)
    Audio:.ogg, .mpa, .aif, .aiff, .mp1, .mp2
    Video :.avi , .mpg, .mpeg, .asf, .divx, .xvid, ..dv, .ogm, .mp4, ..vob, .mod, .flv
    non DRM-protected Music
  7. Drag ´n ´Drop for importing music and video files
  8. Exciting cutter with zooming, previewing, rewind, fast forward features
  9. Batch conversions
Grab It:

Download iPhring from the web address:

(URL copy n paste)

Install it and register it with the license  CE646-353F8-ABB3A-DB8A7-B9B5B published in CHIP magazine. Better to type in registration window instead of copy n paste. You can use any name and email to register. Enjoy it.

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