OK Guys! You have read my previous blog about Avira Premium Security Suite 2009 where I wrote about its analysis which I did and also let you know how to get three months trial. Now here I will show you how you can get one year of Avira Premium Security Suite 2009 protection for your computer.

Avira security products are very good. In fact, in Avira PSS 2009, they have become better than before. During a test, Avira PSS 2009 detected and caught my all personal viruses and spywares. This has become my 2nd choice. My first choice is still BitDefender.

What Avira PSS 2009 can do for you:

*>AntiVir stops all types of viruses
*>AntiAd/Spyware eliminates ad/spyware
*>AntiPhishing proactive protection against phising
*>AntiRootkit against hidden rootkit threats
*>AntiDrive-by prevents against downloading viruses when surfing
*>AntiBot prevents dangerous bot networks
*>EmailScannerEnhanced email protection
*>WebGuard protection against malicious websites
*>RescueSystem create a bootable rescue CD
*>BackupSystem configurable data backup solution
*>AntiSpam filters out unwanted emails
*>FireWall protection against hackers
*>GameMode uninterrupted game play
*>QuickRemoval eliminate viruses at the push of a button NEW!
*>NetbookSupport for laptops with low resolution NEW!
*>ParentalControl block websites unsuitable for children NEW!

Now I must tell you how to get one year working Avira Premium Security Suite 2009 instead of just three months trial. This is not a big trick. You can easily do it. You just need 4 different emails to get your 4 keys each of 3 months trial. Install Avira PSS 2009 and use one 3 months trial key. Before the expiration of trial, simply use the other 3 months trial key. You trial will never expire. So, you can use all four keys, each of 3 months, and get 1 full year protection. At no point during trial you will have headache because trial subscription and paid subscription will give you same security. Then, Why Paid Subscription???

Sure, first license will be installed after installation of Avira Premium Security Suite 2009. To install all remiaining 3 licenses, go to main menu and then Help. Click on License management. A new window will open, no click on “hbedv.key” and go to key location to select key in Open window. Now you can install your new license. You must disconnect Internet during new key installation becuase Avira PSS 2009 will stop its services to install the new license but after installation of license, it will start its services. Now you can turn on Internet and use it.

Remember! You can not install all licenses at one time. New license will expire the previous one and will start new subscription. Avira license subscription starts from the date of license issue, not from the date of license installation. So, get your license when you really need to install new one. You can use as many trial license as you want means you can change license every day. For every new license, you need different email. CLICK HERE to go to offer page and get your first 3 months trial license. If there will be any change in address in future, I will let you know. It saves you from using 4 different security softwares and even paying for one software for whole one year protection.

A similar hack been used for Panda Internet Security 2009 which I have explained in one of my post.