Use Facial Recognition To Login Your Computer

Facial recognition is a fun being shown in many movies when actors enter secret lab, treasure room or login a system or when they leave such places and to lock it. But now this security is not far from you.

There is one solution called BananaSecurity enables you to use your facial recognition when you login or logout from your computer. Its name is very funny but, never mind, it work is highly appreciable. You can use BananaSecurity without any charges. There is one notable thing that it is still in beta phase.

To use this security, you must have a web-cam. When you will login, you will not need to enter you password again and again. Simple install BananaSecurity and forget all passwords. When you will login, BS will recognize your face and then will let you enter. Simply, you do not need to lock you computer when you leave it for a while. As soon as you leave you computer, BS will notice you are not sitting, it will lock you computer.

I have seen such security system in reality at some high-tech lab. I was on a project. They spent around $30000 to get that system. Here BananaSecurity gives you same facial recognition security without any charges.

There are one or two things not good are
1: It is still in beta phase
2: You may have problem using it with Creative cams.
3: May not work on Vista. (I tested many times and twice or thrice it did not work).
4: BananaSecurity website can not be found on Internet. So, technical support is not available.

There are few hosts which are keeping this BS at their servers. CLICK HERE, if you want to download it.

Soon, according to news, there will be updates in BS with new name. I will let you know.

  • Anonymous

    Well i’m using Windows Ultimate so I think I’ll not give it a go… Nevertheless it seems to have good potencial… On a xp machine maybe^^

  • FatCat0623

    It requires the existence of a webcam…and i have none, so that’s a pity….=.=


    There should be one sensor to identify the person. Here BananaSecurity use web-cam as sensor to recognize you.