Avanquest Web Easy Professional Express 7 — Free For All

I blogged on 4th December about Avanquest Christmas Gift which will continue till 24th of December. They are offering a software as gift every day. In all previous days, their offers were really shitty. Some time they are offering trials instead of full versions, some time offering 2 or 3 years old versions which are […]

a-squared HiJackFree — Analyze Your System In Depth

a-squared’s HiJackFree and TrendMicro’s HiJackThis are same type of products which let you know the running process in your system. When you press Ctrl+Alt+Del buttons, Task Manger window open and you can also see which processes are currently running but it does not tell you which processes are running behind those processes and which reg […]

Google Chrome — Final Release

About 3 months ago a new web browser came into web browser industry. There were two big competitors were already in the field. Suddenly, Google launched its browser. In these 3 months, it has been downloaded more than 10 million times. When Chrome was released, according to data, IE was being used 45%, Firefox 40%, […]

XnView v1.95.4 — Supports Over 400 Graphics Formats

XnView v1.95.4 supports over 400 graphics formats and it can be run on multiple platforms. It will cost you just your time of download and installation. Funny? LOL. Yes! this small but worthy software costs you noting if you use it for private usage or you can use for non-profit organizations. The download file size […]